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Crystal Clear Water

Our pumps and tanks give you clean water with no sediments.

Installation of Pumps and Water Treatment Systems in the Outaouais

glass of water


Enjoy clean, healthy water every day – ask Pompes Sylvain Bourassa to install your water pumping and treatment systems in the Outaouais region.


Installation, Maintenance, Analysis


We have developed a great deal of expertise in all aspects of water pump and treatment systems installation. We also offer installation of pressure vessels and constant pressure systems. We provide excellent quality products with several guarantees.


In addition, we perform maintenance on existing equipment so you can keep enjoying your clear, clean water for a long time to come.

Since you drink it every day, it is essential that you have excellent quality water coming out of your tap. Our water analysis service allows you to choose an appropriate solution to quickly resolve any problem with odours, sediments or contaminants.

We also offer a cottage opening and closing service. Call on Our Services!

water droplet

Are you out of water?


Call now : we will get to your home or site in the Outaouais region fast, at any time of day or night.

Our services

Water treatment plant

Installation :

  • Installation of water treatment systems

  • Installation of residential pumps and tanks

  • Installation of constant pressure systems

repair of pumps and tanks

Maintenance :

  • Repair of pumps and tanks 
  • Maintenance of filtration systems and UV lamps
Water treatment service

Water treatment :

  • Water analysis: iron, hardness, pH and TDS
  • Water disinfection with UV lamp
Opening and closing cottage

Cottage opening and closing

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